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Thu, 21 May 2020 14:02:44 -0400
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Hello Forum:

It’s about that time of year to resend the informal operational "rules" that may be new to some, a reminder to others.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that you can adjust your membership, email frequencies, review past posts etc. at  It will require you to create a password. 

A Note on PMFList “Netiquette”

Just a reminder that all messages on the PMFList have always been moderated on a subjective "Value Scale" as well as a subjective "Civility Scale".

Value Scale - If it is decided that the message is of little or no value, it will not be approved for dissemination.  This type of message might be:

-  A dogmatic parroting of what the author believes is "CGMP” without any supporting documentation or explanation.  This is likely to occur with a single sentence response stating "absolute requirements of GMP"

-  A one-word answer to a request for information

-  Phone-text or a large amount of misspelling (if the writer does not believe the message is of sufficient value to compose with care, we are
willing to go along with his opinion).  A large proportion of the subscribers have English as a second language and this is certainly taken into account.

-  Blatantly commercial - this one is tougher, but we try to prevent blatantly commercial notices from dissemination.  I know that we all can find examples of where the moderator let something through that we don't believe should have gone through, my apologies.

- Thank you” response – many like to post a “thank you” to individuals who have responded to their questions, but these “thank-you” posts can unnecessarily fill up inboxes.  We ask you to refrain from posting a “thank-you” to the entire group. 

Civility Scale - We know it when we see it.  Uncivil discourse is the province of politics, we are better than this.  Keep the discussion to ideas, not personalities.  

This list is free to use because the sponsors make it so.  Please take a look at the list of sponsors and say "thank you" the next time you have need of their products or services.  Additionally, if your company is able to sponsor this list or interested in more information, please email me at [log in to unmask]   We would very much appreciate your support!

Enjoy the List and feel free to post questions or comments but note that the moderator has no way to retract messages once disseminated.  If the material is proprietary or confidential, don't post it to a public list.

Mary Ellen Sutton
PMFLIST Moderator

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