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Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:31:10 -0400
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Dear Mohammed Yousffi,

I just calculated the amount of possible endotoxin in your sample.
The amount of 18 ppb is 18 ng/mL of total carbon.  Assuming endotoxin is
about 10% weight of the total carbon, the concentration of endotoxin in
your sample is 1.8 ng/mL.  The potency of purified endotoxin is about
5-10 EU/ng, but in this case, endotoxin is naturally occurred endotoxin.
Assuming the potency of the endotoxin is 1 EU/ng, the endotoxin activity
in your sample can be 1.8 EU/mL.  So it was possible that you observed
0.65 EU/mL endotoxin in a water sample with 18 ppb TOC.

I know it is too much assumption, but if the sample contains mostly
endotoxin, endotoxin can be detected in a sample that shows under the
detection limit of TOC.  The LAL test detects ppt order of endotoxin.

I am sorry for not providing any useful information to solve your
It is just for your information.

Best regards,

KAZ Tsuchiya
Masakazu Tsuchiya, Ph. D.
Senior Research Scientist
Endotoxin and Microbial Detection
Charles River
TEL: 843-766-7575
FAX: 843-766-7576
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Subject: [PMFLIST] Endotoxin In RO system but TOC is low

Can someone explain to me why you would see high Endotoxin (0.65 Eu/mL)
in a USP purified RO water system (With RO membranes and an EDI system)
when the TOC is low (~ 18 ppb)?

We installed new membranes as part of our Preventative maintenance and
initially we saw high TOC (>300 ppb) and then it dropped after draining
the storage tank. Now its in normal range but we see high Endotoxin in
the water.

Thanks in advance!
Mohammed Yousffi
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